Corporate taxation

Corporate taxation is a complex and constantly evolving field. At AlterTax, we understand that effective tax management is crucial to the success and growth of your business. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing tailor-made tax solutions that align with your company’s strategic objectives.

Cyril Maucour, tax lawyer with AlterTax

Cyril Maucour corporate tax lawyer

I’m Cyril Maucour, Managing Partner, with over 20 years’ experience in corporate and executive taxation, gained in major international and French law firms. I specialize in assistance with tax audits and litigation, offering my services to a varied international clientele, including entrepreneurs, SMEs and ETIs in various sectors such as industry, new technologies and pharmaceuticals. My multi-sector expertise enables me to provide effective advice to any company in need of a tax lawyer.

AlterTax Avocats – Tax lawyers at the service of businesses

AlerTax Avocats applies its mastery of the law to all areas of taxation and to all tax issues affecting companies. In an ever-changing regulatory and tax environment, it’s vital for companies and their management teams to surround themselves with the best experts to advise them on securing and optimizing their tax issues.

Our team of tax lawyers based in Paris works with a professional clientele made up of companies of all sizes (VSEs, SMEs, French and international groups) operating in a wide range of business sectors on all their tax issues:


A Customized Approach for Every Company

We know that every company is unique. That’s why we offer a personalized consultation to gain an in-depth understanding of your specific needs. Whether you’re a fast-growing start-up, an established SME, or a large multinational corporation, our aim is to provide you with tax advice tailored to your structure and business sector.

Innovative solutions to optimize your tax situation

Corporate taxation is not just about complying with legal obligations; it also offers opportunities for tax optimization. Our experts at AlterTax can guide you in exploring these possibilities, from strategic tax planning to tax risk management, to ensure maximum tax efficiency.

Your company’s tax lawyer

At AlterTax, your tax success is our priority. Our team of experienced tax lawyers is ready to support you in all aspects of your company’s tax affairs. Contact us for a partnership that will turn your tax challenges into opportunities.

It’s good to be informed, but it’s even better to be accompanied by an expert tax lawyer. Let’s get in touch.

FAQ on corporate taxation

Here are some frequently asked questions about corporate taxation:

What are the advantages of good tax management for my company?

Effective tax management can reduce tax burdens, improve profitability and help comply with current regulations, while minimizing the risk of tax reassessment.

How can AlterTax help my company with international tax issues?

We offer advice on international tax regulations, helping your business navigate the complexities of cross-border operations and optimize your global tax burden.

Can I legally reduce my tax liability?

Yes, AlterTax can help you identify and implement legally compliant tax optimization strategies, maximizing your tax benefits while staying within the legal framework.

What should I do if my company is subject to a tax audit?

In the event of a tax audit, AlterTax assists you every step of the way, providing expert representation and working to resolve problems efficiently and satisfactorily.

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What is the annual 3% contribution on real estate?

Legal entities that own real estate in France are subject to a tax of 3% on the value of their properties. This tax on the fair market value of real estate was introduced by the 1983 Finance Law with the objective of ensuring visibility of the chains of ownership of properties by French and foreign entities, allowing the identification of shareholders and thereby verifying the proper application of the Wealth Tax (ISF), now replaced by the Real Estate Wealth Tax (IFI).

The different types of tax credits

The OECD in its latest report (dated September 21, 2022) on the evaluation of tax policies revealed that many countries had increased́ the generositý of tax incentives for businesses in order to stimulate investment and innovation, particularly to promote environmental sustainabilitý. This continues with the case of France in the Finance Bill for 2023 allowing for the adaptation of certain schemes to promote the energy transition.

These tax incentives can result in the application of a tax reduction or credit.