Tax law is considered complex and unstable (around 20% of the code’s articles are amended every year). It is therefore a source of legal uncertainty for the taxpayer. That’s why it’s essential to review your company’s tax positions. The tax audit will enable us to assess your company’s tax risks, and will be carried out in addition to the financial audit carried out by your chartered accountant. The aim is to avoid tax audits and their negative consequences.

Secondly, the AlterTax team can bring your company’s tax situation into line, enabling you to regularize your situation before administrative or legal tax proceedings. We are qualified to carry out :

  • A tax audit of your company to assess the tax risk.
  • Regularization in the event of error, allowing a 50% reduction in late payment interest, when the taxpayer has made an error or omission in his tax return (must be made in good faith ).
  • Assistance with tax compliance, file preparation and drafting of corrective declarations (via the SMEC system).
  • The signing of a tax partnership with the tax authorities in favor of ETIs and large corporations, enabling companies to secure their tax positions and avoid lengthy, costly and uncertain disputes.