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Based in Paris and more precisely in Paris 17, discover our full range of tax services, designed to meet the specific needs of individuals, growing startups, SMEs, ETIs and large corporations.

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Our various services as tax lawyers

Our specialist law firm offers personalized support, covering everything from tax structuring in the case of mergers and acquisitions, to managing international tax challenges, including tailor-made solutions for complex situations. Take advantage of our expertise to navigate the complex world of French and international taxation with confidence and efficiency.

Our various services as tax lawyers

Growth and start-up companies
Large companies

For companies

We are experts in French and international taxation, with in-depth expertise in several key areas to support companies in their complex and strategic operations.

Tax Structuring of Mergers and Acquisitions

We offer comprehensive solutions for tax structuring, covering all critical aspects such as corporate tax, registration duty and VAT. Our services include :

  • Acquisition tax audit (corporation tax, VAT) and vendor due diligence (vDD).
  • Advice on individual asset or business disposals, including intellectual property rights and goodwill.
  • Analysis and drafting of tax clauses for transfer contracts (SPA, GDP, loans and guarantees, JV contracts).
  • Preparation of financial structure memos (cash repatriation, debt instruments, divestment costs).

Structuring international flows

We guide companies in the efficient structuring of their international flows, in particular :

  • Definition of intra-group pricing policies and contractualization of flows.
  • Preparation of economic studies, benchmarks and transfer pricing documentation (Master File, Local File, CBCR).

Risk Diagnostics and International Tax Assistance

We provide risk diagnostics and international tax assistance services, including:

  • Assessment of transfer pricing and international tax risks (double taxation, withholding tax, VAT).
  • Preparation of defensive documentation for tax audits in France and abroad.
  • Assistance with tax audits and litigation.
  • Relations with French and foreign tax authorities for dispute resolution and advance pricing agreements.

For individuals

Our tax services extend to individuals, covering a full range of complex national and international tax situations.

Real estate assets

Specialized advice on holding real estate assets in France or abroad, whether directly or through a company. Our services include :

  • Analysis of the tax costs of ownership (IFI, IR, IS), use, disinvestment and family transmission.

Tax residence rules and income taxation

Expertise in determining tax residence rules for individuals, both nationally and internationally, and in taxing their income. This concerns :

  • Tax residency under domestic and treaty law, including European partners and third countries (Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, Monaco).

International Inheritance Tax

International inheritance tax assistance for French heirs, including :

  • Resolving double taxation in specific cases.

Taxation of Artists', Sportsmen's and Independent Professions' Income

Services dedicated to artists, sportsmen and self-employed professionals, including :

  • Determination of taxable income and follow-up of income declarations.

In Regularization, Pre-litigation and Litigation

Full assistance with regularization, pre-litigation and litigation, including :

  • Assistance with tax audits and litigation management.
  • Regularization of high-risk situations with the relevant tax authorities.

Société de Croissance et Start-Up

Dedicated offers for growth companies and start-ups, including access to our document database and personalized services.

Subscription and Document Base

  • Access to our document database with practical memos on frequently asked questions.
  • Regulatory watch on the European Union and major economies.

Packaged / Customized services

Services Packages

  • Offers based on pre-established functional models, adjustable to specific needs.
  • Includes: international deployment models, intra-group pricing policy, international executive mobility, acquisition tax audit.

Customized services

  • Transfer pricing diagnostics, preparation of defensive documentation, assistance with tax audits and litigation.


Services specially designed to meet the needs of SMEs and ETIs, covering a wide range of tax areas.

Documentary Base and Regulatory Watch

  • Access to practical memos and personalized regulatory monitoring.

Packaged / Customized services

Packaged services :

  • Services based on pre-established functional models, with flat-rate pricing per type of subject handled.

Customized services :

  • Transfer pricing diagnostics, double taxation resolution, litigation support and other customized services.

Major International Groups

Tailor-made approach for major international groups, offering a full range of specialized tax services.

Documentary Base and Regulatory Watch

  • Access to our document database and customized regulatory watch.

Packaged / Customized services

Services Packages

  • Services based on adjustable functional models, with flat-rate pricing.

Customized services

  • Country-by-country transfer pricing diagnostics, assistance with tax audits and litigation, resolution of double taxation.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about our tax offers:

What tax services do you offer for individuals?

We offer advice on holding real estate assets, determining tax residence rules, international inheritance taxation, and taxing the income of artists, sportsmen and women, and the self-employed. We also assist with tax regularization, pre-litigation and litigation.

What specific services are available for SMEs?

In addition to access to our document database and regulatory watch, we offer packaged services such as the preparation of transfer pricing files, intra-group pricing policies, and assistance with tax audits. Tailor-made services are also available.

How do you manage the tax needs of large international companies?

We offer packaged services including tax audits, international executive mobility and transfer pricing management. Customized services are also available to meet specific needs.

Do you offer assistance with tax audits and litigation?

Yes, we offer comprehensive assistance in the event of tax audits and litigation for all categories of customer, including the preparation of defensive documentation and the resolution of double taxation.

What is your approach to complex or specific tax situations?

For new or very specific situations, we develop tailor-made solutions, based on the unique needs of each customer, on a defined hourly rate and budget.

How do you keep your tax knowledge up to date?

We maintain an active regulatory watch on tax developments in the European Union and the world’s major economies, ensuring that our customers benefit from the most up-to-date information.

Do you advise on international tax strategy?

Yes, our expertise covers international taxation, including the structuring of international flows, transfer pricing policies, and international tax risk management.

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