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AlterTax Avocats excels in the field of real estate and asset taxation, providing cutting-edge expertise to both individuals and businesses. Our approach focuses on the development of tailor-made tax strategies to optimize and protect your real estate investments and overall wealth. We understand the complexities of navigating the tax landscape to maximize your tax advantage while ensuring the compliance and security of your assets and estate planning.

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AlterTax Avocats – The reference in real estate and asset taxation

AlterTax Avocats stands out as the benchmark in wealth and real estate taxation, combining in-depth expertise and innovative solutions for a demanding clientele. Our expertise in real estate and property tax law, enhanced by decades of experience, puts us in an ideal position to support private individuals, entrepreneurs, SMEs and ETIs. We specialize in the tax optimization of real estate assets and investments, guaranteeing efficient management that complies with legal frameworks while maximizing tax benefits. Trust AlterTax Avocats to secure, enhance and pass on your wealth with wisdom and foresight.

AlterTax Avocats : Master the real estate tax path

Embark with AlterTax Avocats on a journey that transforms the complexities of real estate taxation into a smooth, controlled experience. We are your compass in the world of real estate taxes, ensuring that every turn, every descent in the tax arena is approached with precision and strategy. Imagine a ball gliding effortlessly along a predefined path, reaching its target with infallible precision. That’s the real estate tax experience we promise our customers.

Real Estate Tax Strategies

Like a ball guided on its course, we navigate through the challenges of real estate taxation with an expertise that ensures your assets are on the optimal trajectory. Whether it’s a question of real estate capital gains, structuring real estate investment funds or tax exemption schemes, our support is synonymous with security and efficiency.

Personalized advice for a flawless career

Our tailor-made approach adapts your real estate tax path to the unique contours of your situation. AlterTax Avocats is committed to providing you with personalized advice, ensuring that every decision is as smooth and precise as a ball naturally finding its way to the desired destination.


Strategic and Effective Tax Optimization

With AlterTax Avocats, take the most direct route to tax optimization for your real estate. We apply our know-how to thwart obstacles, minimize risks and maximize your benefits, ensuring that your real estate tax strategy is as successful and smooth as a ball hitting its target with ease.

The complex paths of taxation are not a problem for us.
Gain peace of mind with experts, plan your strategy!

Why choose AlterTax as your real estate tax experts?

Our expertise and precision in real estate taxation make AlterTax the ideal choice to guide your decisions towards tax optimization.
By simplifying complexity, we ensure a smooth tax trail.

Excellence and Integrity

We don’t just do things well – we strive for excellence.

At AlterTax, we aim for excellence in real estate and wealth taxation. We ensure the highest quality in our recommendations, paying particular attention to every detail to guarantee appropriate and effective solutions.

A relationship of trust

We believe in working together on the basis of mutual trust. Being your real estate tax lawyer means being your strategic partner. We are committed to always acting in your best interests, ensuring total transparency and unwavering integrity.

Responsiveness and efficiency

In the fast-paced world of finance and business, every moment counts. We value your time as much as you do. Our promise? Providing fast answers and optimal solutions. Objective? Maximize results while minimizing waste of financial resources.

FAQ on real estate and wealth tax lawyer services

Frequently asked questions about our services as real estate tax lawyers

What is a real estate and wealth tax lawyer?

A tax lawyer specializing in real estate and wealth is a legal expert who focuses on tax issues relating to real estate and wealth management. It offers legal advice for the management, protection and efficient transfer of your real estate and financial assets.

Why would I need the services of a tax lawyer specializing in wealth management?

You may require the services of such a lawyer to navigate the tax complexities associated with real estate, to plan your estate, to protect your real estate assets, or when passing on real estate to the next generation, while optimizing the tax aspects.

How can a real estate and estate tax lawyer help me plan my estate?

He can work with you to develop a customized estate plan that minimizes the tax impact, ensures efficient distribution of your assets, and protects the interests of your heirs while respecting your wishes.

Can a real estate tax lawyer help me with my international assets?

Absolutely. Many tax lawyers specializing in real estate and wealth management, such as those at AlterTax, offer their expertise in international wealth management, helping to navigate the different tax and legal regulations in the international arena.

What's the difference between a real estate tax lawyer and a financial advisor?

A tax lawyer focuses on the legal and tax aspects of managing your real estate and financial assets, while a financial advisor offers recommendations on investment and overall financial planning.

Can I protect my real estate and financial assets against legal disputes?

Yes, a specialist lawyer can advise you on the best legal structures and strategies to protect your assets against potential litigation and claims.

How can a tax lawyer help me optimize the taxation of my assets?

He offers strategic advice on how to structure your wealth to reduce your tax burden, including inheritance tax, gift tax and income tax.

Can tax lawyers help manage trusts and foundations?

Yes, we can assist you with the tax issues involved in setting up foreign trust structures or French trusts.

Do I need to review my estate plan regularly?

It’s a good idea to re-evaluate your estate plan periodically, especially after significant changes in your personal situation, assets or legislation.

What qualifications should I look for in a real estate and wealth tax lawyer?

Look for a lawyer with specific experience in real estate taxation and wealth management, with relevant legal qualifications and ideally, a specialization in areas such as international tax law. Or contact us directly 😉

A real estate tax lawyer anywhere in the world? Is it possible?

As tax lawyers, we can intervene in most tax disputes before the tax authorities and administrative courts without geographical constraints. We also act for foreign administrations, whether to plead, advise or represent our clients in any city or country.

Our services as specialists in real estate taxation and wealth management

AlterTax Avocats stands out for its expertise in real estate taxation and asset management, offering specialized support for both individuals and companies. But we can also support you in other areas of taxation.


Tax lawyer

As a
tax lawyers
we offer in-depth legal advice to effectively manage your tax liabilities and entitlements. Our expertise extends to all aspects of taxation, ensuring a comprehensive approach.


Tax advice

We offer
tax advice
aimed at optimizing your tax situation while complying with current regulations. Our aim is to help you navigate the complex tax landscape with confidence and clarity.


Tax audit lawyer

As a
tax auditors
our team offers expert representation to defend your interests. We intervene at every stage of the process to minimize the risks and potential impact on your financial situation.


International tax lawyer

Our expertise as
international tax lawyer
can help you meet the tax challenges of cross-border operations. We provide legal advice on navigating complex tax regulations.



Tax litigation lawyer

As a
specialized in tax litigation
we represent and defend your interests in tax disputes. Our approach is aimed at resolving disputes with the tax authorities effectively, with priority given to amicable solutions or representation before the courts.


Wealth lawyer

We offer legal expertise in wealth
wealth management as a lawyer
with an emphasis on real estate taxation. We help our customers optimize the tax impact of their real estate assets, whether for management, acquisition or transfer.

Tax lawyers specializing in real estate and assets, in Paris and around the world

Based in Paris, AlterTax Avocats excels in real estate taxation and wealth management, offering its services far beyond the capital. Whether you live in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, or anywhere else in the world, our team is at your disposal to advise you on your property and your assets. With recognized expertise at both local and international level, we provide high-quality support, adapted to each geographical situation, for optimal asset management.