AlterTax’s tax lawyers advise their clients on all their day-to-day operations, presenting them with the tax impact of the various alternatives available to them.

This assistance includes

  • Tax advice on the choice of different structures and their tax consequences, particularly in terms of corporation tax (IS), VAT or the legal status of the manager (social security regime).
  • Taxation of companies governed by article 8 of the CGI (companies subject to corporate income tax)
  • Tax advice on the company’s legal status, depending on the nature and type of business carried out
  • Setting up holding structures (analysis of corporation tax, VAT, setting up management fee agreements, parent-daughter regime)
  • Tax regimes specific to the real estate business (taxation of real estate capital gains, preponderance of real estate, real estate VAT, taxation of real estate transactions, taxation of real estate financing and leasing transactions, registration duties)
  • Taxation of corporate groups (parent-subsidiary regime on dividend distributions, interest and royalties, tax consolidation regime (IS) and also the “VAT group” regime introduced by the 2021 Finance Act).
  • Supply of goods and services within a group or related companies (debt write-offs, deficit management, market value of transactions, etc.) drafting of tax clauses in intra-group contracts
  • Intra-group financing (loans, advances, cash pooling) to finance day-to-day operations and ensure cash availability for the various stakeholders
  • VAT regime applicable to various transactions (intra-Community VAT, reverse charge, VAT on financial activities, payroll tax, etc.).
  • Balance sheet closing operations, dividend distribution, review of tax returns
  • Review of the company’s tax compliance (tax due diligence, tax audit) and the tax risks associated with non-compliance.
  • Securing transactions through tax rulings
  • Corporate income tax audits
  • Research tax credit (CIR), Innovation tax credit (CII) assistance with setting up documentation that complies with government standards, assistance with filing formalities

If you are looking for a tax lawyer in Paris with expertise in corporate taxation to help you secure your operations and make the best choices in sometimes complex transactions, the AlterTax team is at your disposal to assist you in these choices.