We have been working for many years with a network of independent experts renowned for the quality of their advice, particularly in the following areas:
  • French and international corporate/M&A lawyers
  • AFrench and foreign vocats specializing in commercial and contract law (especially franchising)
  • French and foreign lawyers specializing in new technologies (in particular patents, trademarks, software)

We also have privileged relationships with financial valuation professionals, real estate experts, chartered accountants and auditors, and notaries, with whom we work on a regular basis.

We have international coverage through our network of best friends specializing in tax matters, who are present in the world’s major economies, as well as in regions undergoing strong economic development (particularly in French- and English-speaking Africa).

We are members of the Quantera Global network of independent transfer pricing experts

We regularly collaborate and train with our tax expert peers through the IACF, of which we are members

We are members of the IBA and the IFA