Personal Taxation

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Personal Taxation

Personal taxation is one of the central pillars of the French tax system, involving complex rules and various obligations for taxpayers. Understanding these rules is essential for optimal tax management, and to avoid mistakes that can lead to additional costs.

What is personal taxation?

Personal taxation covers all taxes and duties applicable to the income and assets of individuals. This includesincome tax, the solidarity tax on wealth (ISF), replaced by thetax on real estate wealth (IFI), and other specific contributions such as inheritance or gift tax.

Income taxation

Income taxation is a central mechanism of personal taxation. It is based on the principle of progressivity, i.e. the higher a person’s income, the higher the tax rate applied. This is implemented through the progressive tax scale system.

Taxable income

Taxable income includes salaries, industrial and commercial profits, non-commercial profits, agricultural profits, property income, capital gains and certain types of annuity. The tax return is a key stage in the process of tax assessment by the tax authorities.

Tax deductions and credits

Taxpayers can benefit from various deductions for professional expenses,tax allowances and tax credits to reduce their tax burden, such as the tax credit for energy transition or the childcare tax credit.

Taxation of assets

Wealth taxation is used to tax the real estate wealth of French residents, or property located in France for non-residents. The IFI applies to net real estate assets in excess of 1.3 million euros.

Property wealth tax (IFI)

Thereal estate wealth tax replaces the ISF and specifically targets real estate assets, unlike its predecessor which covered all wealth.

Property and housing taxes

Property taxes and the taxe d’habitation (gradually phased out for principal residences) are also important components of personal taxation.

Tax management and optimization

Careful management of your tax obligations can lead to legal tax optimization, enabling you to legitimately reduce the tax due.

Wealth management advice

It’s often a good idea to consult a wealth management expert or tax lawyer for advice tailored to your personal situation.

Incentive schemes

The French government offers a range of tax incentives, such as the Pinel law for rental investment and the Malraux scheme for renovating properties in protected areas.

Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about personal taxation.

How do you determine your tax domicile?

Tax domicile is determined according to a number of criteria, including the main place of residence, the center of economic activities or the place where a person’s vital interests are centered.

Are there any tax exemptions?

Yes, it is possible to benefit fromtax exemptions under certain conditions, whether for income tax or real estate wealth tax, notably by investing in economic development tools or through donations to certain organizations.

What is the impact of expatriation on taxation?

Tax expatriation can have a considerable impact on the taxation of individuals, particularly in terms of tax residence and obligations towards the French tax authorities.

Are there any special tax rules for family situations?

Yes, family situation influences personal taxation, notably via the family quotient for income tax, which takes into account the number of people in the tax household.

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