Property taxes

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Property taxes

Property taxes are a major part of the real estate tax system in France, having a significant impact on property owners. This article aims to explain in detail what they mean, how they are calculated and what their implications are for taxpayers.

What is the property tax?

Property tax is a local tax that all property owners must pay annually. It is determined on the basis of the cadastral rental value of properties, which is then adjusted by various rates set by local authorities. This tax contributes to local authority budgets, helping to finance many local public services.

Calculation and payment

To understand how property tax is calculated, it’s essential to examine certain elements, such as the cadastral rental value and the tax rates applied. The process may seem complex, but it’s essential for homeowners to anticipate and budget for this annual expense.

Cadastral rental value

The cadastral rental value represents a theoretical estimate of the amount of annual rent a property could generate if rented out. It is determined by the tax authorities and used as the basis for calculating property tax.

Tax rates and contributions

Tax rates are set by local authorities, and can therefore vary from one commune to another. Properties may also be subject to additional contributions such as the household waste collection tax.

Exemptions and rebates

Certain owners may benefit from exemptions or reductions under certain conditions, for example in the case of agricultural buildings, prolonged vacancy of a property or the use of renewable energies. The details of these schemes can be crucial in optimizing the tax management of your real estate assets.

Temporary or permanent exemptions

Exemptions can be granted on a temporary or permanent basis according to specific criteria, often linked to the type of property or the situation of the owner.

Relief for Eligible Persons

Certain categories of people, such as senior citizens or people with disabilities, are eligible for property tax relief, provided they meet certain means-testing requirements.

Implications for homeowners

The implications of property tax for homeowners are both financial and administrative. A good understanding of this tax is essential for effective property management.


The tax authorities sometimes make adjustments to the cadastral rental value, which can affect the amount of tax due.

Tax Planning and Anticipation

Good planning enables owners to anticipate the amount of property tax they will have to pay, and thus optimize their tax situation. Consulting a tax lawyer can be a good idea for complex issues.

Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about property taxes.

When is the property tax due?

Property tax is generally payable in October of each year, with the option of payment in instalments or by electronic means.

Is property tax deductible from rental income?

Yes, if the property is rented out, the property tax can be deducted from rental income as part of the property tax return.

How can I dispute the amount of my property tax?

In the event of disagreement with the tax authorities over the amount of the property tax, it is possible to contest it by lodging a prior claim and, if necessary, by taking legal action.

Are non-residents liable for property tax?

Yes, even if they have no tax residence in France, non-resident owners must pay property tax on their French property.

What impact does the reform of the taxe d’habitation have on property tax?

The reform of the taxe d’habitation, which has resulted in its abolition for the majority of households, has no direct impact on the taxe foncière, which remains an inescapable expense for property owners.


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