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Unitaid is an international initiative that plays a unique and strategic role in the global healthcare system. Founded in 2006, this organization uses innovative financing methods to improve access to medicines and diagnostics for the world’s most deadly diseases.

What is Unitaid?

Unitaid is a collaborative entity working to transform the market for medicines and diagnostics for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. As a partnership between several countries and partners, it aims to make healthcare more accessible to the populations that need it most. Unitaid operates mainly thanks to funding obtained through a contribution on airline tickets and public and private donations.

Unitaid’s impact on global health

Since its creation, Unitaid has contributed to a number of major advances in the fight against the world’s three major pandemics. It has been instrumental in reducing the price of antiretroviral drugs, making mass HIV treatment possible in low- and middle-income countries.

Intervention strategies

Unitaid’s approach is to negotiate with suppliers for affordable prices and support innovation to develop products adapted to the needs of patients in low-income countries. This method has also successfully introduced innovative drugs and diagnostic tests for tuberculosis and malaria.

Key partnerships

Unitaid works with partners such as theWorld Health Organization (WHO), the Global Fund and PEPFAR to maximize the impact of its investments. Working with governments, civil society and the pharmaceutical industry, Unitaid ensures that healthcare solutions are widely available and accessible.

Unitaid funding and its impact

Unitaid’s innovative financing strategies, such as a small tax on airline tickets in some member countries, have enabled it to raise funds in a stable and predictable way. This has made Unitaid a major player in international tax justice and global health financing.

The airline ticket tax mechanism

Several countries, recognizing the need for a sustainable funding mechanism for global health initiatives such as Unitaid, have introduced a tax on airline tickets. This contributes directly to Unitaid’s budget, subsidizing the cost of medicines and diagnostics for millions of people.

Influencing the drug market

In addition to its financing strategy, Unitaid also leverages the drug market. By stimulating demand and guaranteeing purchase volumes, Unitaid has led to a significant drop in costs and facilitated the emergence of more effective products adapted to conditions in developing countries.

Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about Unitaid.

How does Unitaid select its projects?

Unitaid rigorously assesses projects on the basis of their ability to meet unmet needs in the field of global health and their potential for impact. The organization prioritizes initiatives that can be adopted on a larger scale by other donors.

Can citizens contribute to Unitaid’s funding?

Unitaid is mainly funded by government and institutional sources, but individuals can also contribute through donations. These additional funds help support the development and availability of life-saving treatments in low- and middle-income countries.

What results has Unitaid achieved?

Unitaid has impacted millions of lives through its programs, making treatments for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria more effective, safer and less expensive. The organization is credited with saving lives by making vital healthcare technologies affordable and available where they are most needed.

Does Unitaid only work on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria?

Although these three diseases are Unitaid’s priority areas, the organization is gradually extending its activities to other areas of public health, such as hepatitis C prevention and health system strengthening.

Unitaid continues to play a key role in improving access to essential treatments and diagnostics for the world’s infectious diseases. Its innovative approach to financing and partnership offers an inspiring model for global health and a brighter future for vulnerable populations.

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