Multinationals: New Income Tax Rules in 2024

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From June 22, 2024, multinationals will be subject to new income tax reporting requirements. Transposing European Directive 2021/2101 on public CbCR, Order no. 2023-483 introduces these major changes. This article, originally published in Be a Boss Magazine, guides you through the new rules.

What is Public CbCR and how does it affect Multinationals?

Public CbCR, or Country by Country Reporting, is a new reporting obligation that will require multinationals to publish a report on profits and taxes paid in each country where they operate.

Who is affected by these new Reporting Obligations?

Business leaders, CFOs, accountants and bookkeepers need to prepare for these changes. Multinational companies will be particularly affected, and will have to adjust their accounting and tax practices.

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